New Captiva MDF Brochure

On April 28, 2020 by Lara Amaral to

New Captiva MDF Brochure

Handcrafted in New England, Captiva Custom doors are synonymous with quality material and craftsmanship. With Captiva Custom MDF, we have combined traditional stile and rail construction with environmentally-friendly MDF to offer an alternative to all-wood interior doors. Allow yourself to be captivated with our new line of custom interior MDF doors. All the designs in this catalog are also available in any wood species so you can ensure a consistent design style throughout your project.

Why Choose Captiva MDF?

• Captiva builds and ship locally, which helps minimize our carbon footprint.
• A wood core which provides greater stability and allows for lighter weight than doors made with an MDF core.
• Solid wood edges are used so there is no need for wood wedge filler blocks.
• All door shapes and sizes are available up to 4’x10′ in thickness of 1-3/8″, 1-3/4″, and 2-1/4″.
• Matching fire-rated doors and door frames are available in 20, 45, 60, or 90-minute ratings.

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